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Technical Advice and Support

Some specific activities include:

In ENERGOPIISI S.A. we offer unparalleled and comprehensive technical evaluation and support services. Our executives are engineers with doctoral and postgraduate education, and years of experience in the successful management and study of complex, very high standards and budget projects.

We provide state-of-the-art diligence and know how in energy and real estate, with some of the most prestigious professionals in the market combined with unprecedented track record.

Technical expertise of our partners offers guarantee addressing all technical issues that arise in an investment:

A)  Renewable Energy:

♦  the optimal design of a RES project,

♦ the preparation of technical specifications and requirements for equipment bidding process

♦ The selection of appropriate technologies for the project (e.g. Type P/B frames, Type A/C type inverters, cables, etc.)

♦ The selection of the most reliable suppliers

♦ The negotiation of the technical terms of the contracts

♦ The control and monitoring during the construction of electromechanical and civil engineering works

♦ The qualitative and quantitative monitoring during construction,

♦ The provisional and final acceptance of the project

♦ The full service pack of maintenance and operation, etc.


B)  Real Estate Market:

Providing a full range of consulting services for international investors in the field of Real Estate in Greece, extensive development and project management expertise.

♦ Significant experience in legal, tax, financial and administration issues, and have created strong relationships with major financial institutions in the region.

♦ Experienced manpower drive customers to acquire new property and the management of existing

♦ Unique strategy to identify, evaluate, and investment property

♦ Property research, presentation and estate appraisal

Verification of technical excellence and legitimacy

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